This Thin Edge

Group exhibition at la_cápsula, Zurich

12.12.2020 – 12.2.2021
la_cápsula, Stauffacherstrasse 119, 8004 Zurich

The Covid-19 pandemic has already changed our lives. It stopped all of us on our tracks and forced us to change our daily routines, lifestyles and ways of working. As cultural producers, it has become both a big challenge and a great opportunity to rethink our work and to come up with alternative formats and possibilities to keep creating and exhibiting art that matters.

What is life going to look like after the pandemic? We still don’t know. But through this project we would like to imagine the world of the future.

This Thin Edge is a project that starts at the intersection —at the edge— of two seemingly opposite forces: adaptation and resistance. On one side we need to adapt to the new (or at least current situation) which calls for social distance and prevents us from gathering in large groups, from traveling far away, from hugging. In this new and unprecedented setting, we need to find new ways to keep working. But on the other side, we also want to resist, to imagine new worlds, to change, to create, to keep being socially and politically alive/active.

Two questions underlie this project: How do we want our future to look like? And what are we willing to do/build/change in order to achieve it? For this project la_cápsula is working with four artists: Maëlle Gross (Lausanne/Geneva), Katherine Patiño Miranda (COL/NY), Sergio Rojas Chaves(CR/Basel) and Dominik Zietlow (Zurich).

This Thin Edge will allows artists and curators to create works and content reacting and connecting with each other in spite of the mobility restrictions or the geographical distance that separate us. We aim to create as a collective, to react to one another, to collaborate, to reflect, to imagine. The intention is not to create a digital archive, but a living collection of works. Now, at the end the project, we offer a glimpse and a wish of what we would like the future to look like.