• Dorian-Orlando Weber, Der blaue Hummer, 2020, oil on canvas Simone Steinegger, The legacy of hugs, 2020, silk, wool, neoprene, upholstery fabric, sand, cork, styrofoam, feathers, steel

  • Kelly Tissot, Hurdle and locket, 2020, wood, steel; Mute mutt and deadspace, 2020, digital prints on aluminium, wood

  • Lara Paratte, Deep down the oceans are rising hydrothermal vents, 2020, ink on newsprint, engraving on slides, projection Céline Maria Brunko, Remember the earth’s crackles, 2020, video and object installation, jute cloth, steel pipes, 2 HD videos, color, sound 6’5’’ und 5’

  • Lisa Maria Lurati, Stage for disappearance, 2020, cyanotype and watercolor on linen and clay Laura Bolliger, Komposition aus neun Teppichen, 2020, acrylic on carpet

  • Anna Zoe Bühler, We're not even leaving the ground, 2020, steel, plaster, audio Mirjam Plattner, offset, 2020, latex, pigments Patricia Bucher, o.T., 2020, wall installation, fine art prints on paper (Epson enhanced, matt), adhesive paper tape

  • Anita Mucolli, I used to stand by the window and the sun would almost burn my face, but that day, I remember clearly, it actually did., 2020, room construction and mise-en-scène, wood, two projectors, various furniture

  • Pável Aguilar, Fuga, 2020, seashells turned into musical instruments

  • Manuel Queiró, Wall, Wall, Well, Well, 2020, acrylic and emulsion paint on wall

  • Cheyenne Oswald, verbandet, 2020, violet glass, hydrolate, PET, vinyl; HD Video, color, sound, 24’


«Next Generation»
Graduation Exhibition Bachelor and Master Art Institute HGK FHNW

Curated by Nikola Dietrich and Chus Martínez
Curatorial Assistance Marion Ritzmann

23 – 30 August 2020 
Kunsthaus Baselland, kunsthausbaselland.ch

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Video: Raphael Stucky
Sounds: Jennifer Scherler, Céline Maria Brunko und Gerome Gadient

This year’s master’s and bachelor’s graduation exhibition of the Art Institute, FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel presents newly produced works by 50 artists. It is hosted for the fifth year by Kunsthaus Baselland.

Life, Love, Justice is the most special exhibition both of us have ever done, and, without doubt, the most longed for. The artists, in the final year of the bachelor’s or master’s program at the Art Institute HGK FHNW in Basel, were deprived of their freedom of movement, just like the rest of us. But they were also deprived of the opportunity to go to their studios and workshops to continue with their practice. As a practice, art is highly dependent on touch, on establishing a continuous and steady relationship to materials, to humans, to life. All of a sudden, a threatening question loomed for all of us: Is art even possible in these circumstances? How will this new status quo affect younger generations of artists? How are we going to stay in touch with each other? With everyone that constitutes the art community? Art and artists have played a crucial role in society by raising their voices and shaping their works towards social and natural justice, equality and values of empathy and care.

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