Albertine Kopp

Head of Production / Institutional funding

Albertine Kopp is an independent cultural agent and the founder of Caribbean Art Initiative, a non-for-profit program that aims to support contemporary arts from and across the Caribbean and promote its cause globally. As a freelancer, Albertine Kopp works on new projects where she can support with her knowhow and network in arts & culture in combination with marketing and csr (incl. artists, corporate, institutions and collectors).

Until 2018, Albertine Kopp led Davidoff Art initiative for 6 years, where she formed a profound Caribbean network of artists, institutions and local businesses. Through her role she was able to promote Caribbean arts at international art fairs, incl. Art Basel, Venice Biennale, Frieze, ARCO. She connected local artists to widely recognized institutions in New York, London, Berlin, Beijing and Bogota and created a lively artist residency exchange that allowed various international artists to work in the Caribbean. Her work was recognized with the European Corporate Art Awards in 2017. 

Throughout her career, Albertine Kopp worked in arts, communications and marketing with museums, art fairs and corporations. Prior to focusing on Caribbean Arts, she worked with Volta Show, Deutsche Bank Collection and Louis Vuitton Communications in New York, Paris and Frankfurt. Albertine Kopp is member of the board of Kunsthalle Basel.