• Aebersold x Handberg, 0 ∆ 1, 2021, exhibition view Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel

Chris Handberg

Technical staff

Technical staff digital workshop / digital media lending

Chris Handberg is a visual artist, technician and is active as Outside Eye in various art and performance projects. He studied Fine Arts at the Art Institute HGK FHNW in Basel (Bachelor). In his artistic practice, Chris Handberg questions our perceptual capacity and the «images of reality» in which we live. Using our senses, he connects mental, virtual and physical space.

Together with Markus Aebersold he forms the duo Aebersold x Handberg. Their cinematographic light- and sound installations can be seen at numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. In 2019, the duo was nominated for the Swiss Young Artist Award and in 2020 Handberg was invited as a resident artist at Lunga School (Iceland), where he also participated in the light art festival List í Ljósi.

Raised in Skive (DK), he currently lives and works in Basel.