Christoph Bühler

Lecturer bachelor and master

Photography, documentation of events of the Institute Art Gender Nature

Christoph Bühler studied visual communication at the School of Design in Basel. He did additional studies in photography at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. He has been a lecturer at the Basel School of Design in Basel since 1991. In his work, Christoph Bühler examines the interaction between human, nature and technology. Medially, he focuses on photography, but also uses the possibilities of film, video and installation to encourage the viewer to ask themselves the right questions.

Christoph Bühler has participated in various solo and group exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad, including the Rote Fabrik Zurich, Kunsthalle Basel, Galerie EigenArt Leipzig and Kunstfabrik Potsdam. Christoph Bühler is involved in numerous projects such as Teryky Laden für ungeheuerliches (2018); Nachwuchs (2014); Illuminando Vidas (2002); Artificial Paradise (2001); Einsichten – Der Lohnhof nach 175 Jahren als Gefängnis (1996).

1990 Nicht vergessen, 1994 Höhlen öffnen, 1996 Einsichten, Der Lohnhof nach 175 Jahern als Gefängnis, 2009 Nachbild SfG Basel, 2014 Hani Bäbler, Nachwuchs, 2014 Spurensicherung SfG Basel, 2015 Machine Live, Mensch und Maschiene SfG Basel, 2016 Fluchtpunkt SfG Basel, 2017 Im Dunkeln SfG Basel