Daniel Kurth

Technical staff

Head of analog workshop

Daniel Kurth graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Art Institute Basel in 2017, after completing a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Media Arts at the Hochschule der Künste in Bern. Since 2013 he has co-organized various self-initiated exhibition projects. He was co-curator at the former artist-run space Schwarzwaldallee, which existed in Basel from 2011 until 2017.

Kurth looks at the condition, origin, and transformation of symbols, metaphors, and narratives that refer to utopias of the past’s futures, which he sees as motivators and drivers for social mobilities. The work consists of found footage, objects, images, sounds, videos, and text that potentially refer to his social origin and its ideals with associated hierarchic structures. A recurring motif is formed by the so-called leisure time (Freizeit) and its institutions, constituted by the actual work ethics itself. Using techniques of minimal variation, repetition, rhythmics, and suggestions of motion, he recontextualizes and transforms pre-existing materials in minimalist ways, applying them to various media.

He understands his work as standing waves and static drones. Standstill. Absence is crucial.