ink, 2013, HD Video, 8’02”

Edith Hänggi

Head of Production

Planing, Coordination, Finances, Student Advising

Edith Hänggi is responsible for the planning and coordination of organizational and administrative work at the Institute Art Gender Nature. She leads the team of research assistants as well as the technical staff.

After business school and commercial training, she studied fine arts from 1995 to 1998 at the School of Design in Basel. She broadened her commercial experience in various positions in the fields of design and culture. She also worked as a freelance designer and producer in multiple socio-cultural projects.

In her artistic work, Edith Hänggi focuses on objects and encounters from her personal everyday life, which she examines and transforms in consideration of their potential to become protagonists of another narrative. She works in various media, with a focus on video and installation. Edith Hänggi has shown her work at numerous exhibitions in Switzerland. Her artistic work has been supported by project contributions and acquisitions as well as with a studio scholarship in Paris.
+41 61 228 41 02