• Hi There, Installation 2018, Kunsthaus Baselland

  • Streamers, Videoinstallation 2018, Kunsthaus Baselland

  • Streamers, Videoinstallation (Detail) 2018, Kunsthaus Baselland

  • Hi There, Installation 2018, Kunsthaus Baselland

  • Hi There, Installation (Detail) 2018, Kunsthaus Baselland

  • Hall, Videoinstallation 2017, Kunsthalle Basel

  • Earth, Videoinstallation 2016, HEK Haus der elektronischen Künste, Basel

Esther Hunziker

Lecturer bachelor

Digital media, digital publishing

Esther Hunziker studied fashion design and then video art at the specialist class for audiovisual design at the SfG HGK in Basel. Since 1996 she has been working as a freelance media designer and artist in the field of digital media. Her works include video, photography, animation, installation and interactive online works.

The artist’s cross-media works are mostly based on deconstruction and montage, where apparent realities meet real illusory worlds. She allows supposed opposites such as the normal and the extraordinary, the credible and the unbelievable, the rational and the irrational, the earthly and the extraterrestrial to collide and creates her very own digital creatures and narratives from these intersections.

Her work has been shown in numerous festivals and exhibitions, including: Kunsthaus Baselland, Esther Hunziker (2018); Kunsthalle Basel, Exposed Exhibitions (2017); Kunstraum LLC New York, Demo Day (2017); EMAF Kunsthalle Osnabrück, The Future of Visions. Don’t Expect Anything (2016); HEK Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel, Digital Abstractions (2016); Kunsthaus Pasquart Biel, Short Cuts (2015); Aargauer Kunsthaus Aarau, Selection 14 (2014); FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo (2011 / 2006); International Media Art Prize, ZKM Karslruhe, denkbilder / mental images (2005) In addition to studio residencies in Bratislava, Helsinki, Edinburgh, Chongqing and Berlin, the Hunziker has received various awards and prizes, including the Basel Media Art Prize (2017), Werkbeitrag Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt (2004, 1996), Viper Swiss Award (2004), 1. Prize for digital literature from dtv & t-online (2004).