Fernando García-Dory

Artist, Madrid

Guest 2018
Master symposium

Fernando García-Dory’s work engages with the relationship between culture and nature, which manifests itself in multiple contexts, from landscape and the rural to desires and expectations concerned with identity, to (global) crises, utopia and the potential for social change. He studied fine arts and rural sociology and is now preparing his PhD on agroecology. Following his interest in the harmonic complexity of biological forms and processes, his work addresses connections and cooperation; from microorganisms to social systems; from traditional art languages such as drawing to collaborative agroecological projects, actions, and cooperatives.

His work has been shown in Tensta Konsthall (Stockholm), Van Abbe Museum & CASCO (Netherlands), MALBA (Buenos Aires) and SFMOMA (San Francisco). He has been invited to contribute to multiple Biennials (for example in Athens, Istanbul, and Gwangju) and to the Documenta 13. In 2012 he was awarded with the Annenberg Prize for Socially Engaged Art by Creative Time New York and was a finalist for the Rolex Prize. He is a fellow of the Council of Forms (Paris) and a board member of the World Alliance of Nomadic Pastoralists, an organization he promoted in 2007. In 2009 he initiated INLAND, a collaborative platform and para-institution in which he dissolves his authorship.