Kathrin Siegrist

Technical staff

Technical support painting, head of painting workshop

Kathrin Siegrist is an artist living in Basel. After her first degree in art and mediation (MA Art Education) she completed her studies in art (MA Fine Arts) at the HGK Basel in 2014. Kathrin works in various collaborations, formats and contexts: Her practice is based on painting and includes roles of the curator, editor, archivist and mediator. 2013-2017 she worked in the collective project «Louise Guerra», an artistic fiction, an exploration of the author and artist Louise and an intervention in linear biography and historiography; Louise Guerra was initiated as an agent against individualism and belief in authorship in the arts. In 2018 Kathrin co-founded the Louise Guerra Archive to manage, activate and care for the legacies of Louise Guerra. Most recently, 2021, she initiated a museum as a medium and formation for artistic practice. Museum includes many actors and serves as a tool for the common.

Her work has been shown at the Kunstmuseum Lichtenstein Vaduz (2021), the TANK (2019), the Kunstmuseum Bern (2018), the Kunsthaus Baselland (2017), the Swiss Art Awards (2016) and the Kunsthalle Basel (2015), among others.