Roman Kurzmeyer

Lecturer master, Deputy head of the Institute

Plenum, artistic mentoring, curator alumnae: exhibitions in der TANK

Dr. phil. Roman Kurzmeyer studied history, German philology and art history at the University of Basel and completed his doctorate under Martin Schaffner and Gottfried Boehm. He is curator of the Ricola Collection in Laufen, a member of the board of trustees of the Camille Graeser Foundation in Zurich, the Erica Ebinger-Leutwyler Foundation in Lucerne and a member of the acquisitions committee of the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein in Vaduz.

Art history, as he teaches it, is a history of artistic practice and thus encompasses both the artists and their conditions of production as well as the works and their public exhibition. In the mentoring discussions with the students, both the work situation and the distinction between author and external perception of the individual art proposal are accordingly important. The focal points of his work are investigations into the influence of living and production conditions on artistic practice, the preparation of exhibitions and publications as well as texts on contemporary art and recent exhibition history.

Roman Kurzmeyer is co-editor of the catalogue of all exhibitions organised by Harald Szeemann (1933-2005) and author of the monograph Kunst überfordern: Aldo Walker (1938-2000) and (together with Roger Perret) editor of the volume Dunkelschwestern with images and literary texts by Annemarie von Matt (1905-1967) and Sonja Sekula (1918-1963). Most recently published are Atelier Amden / The Amden Atelier 1999-2015 and Existenz und Form. Writings on Modern Art. Most recently published are Atelier Amden / The Amden Atelier 1999-2015, Edition Voldemeer Zurich / De Gruyter: 2015 and Existenz und Form. Schriften zur neueren Kunst. Edition Voldemeer / De Gruyter: 2015.

In 2004 Roman Kurzmeyer was awarded the Prix Meret Oppenheim.