Gentle song to flickering eyes


17.11.2023–16.1.2024, jeweils DI–DO 13:30–18:30
DOCK Basel, Klybeckstrasse 29, 4057 Basel

The exhibition -gentle songs for flickering eyes- of Basel-based artist Thy Truong, captures the audience through various senses.

Entering DOCK we encounter an immersive audio piece that transforms as we move around the space. As we take a seat in the window sill, we are invited into dreamlike state. A kind of pause between events or an escape into a world reserved only for us. A mental space between wakefulness and sleep, supported by the visual elements and the vibrant red hues. The sounds enter our minds and body, merging with our own utopian, past or present ideas and experiences.

Themes such as dreams, daydreaming and the transition between sleep and wakefulness are important parts of Truong’s work. With points of contact with East Asian mythology, Truong incorporates the Reishi mushroom into their work. This mushroom is used in many ways to improve sleep and thus help you recover. The motivation to embrace recovery and therefore the act of sleep always remains with us. But how is sleep valued in a society that is characterized by performance and hard work? Is sleep really “the” recovery? And what do sleep and dreams mean for our regeneration?