collective art exhibition + craft market

6.6. – 9.6.2024 | Opening 6.6. 18:00
4 Rue Pearl-Grobet Secrétan, 1205 Geneva

Presented by the BØWIE Gallery in collaboration with collectif ARQ, LOVELY AUTONOMY is a series of ephemeral exhibitions featuring more than twenty talented young Swiss and European artists. This exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to engage with the issues related to gender and LGBTIQ+ themes through performances, paintings, photographs, and installations.
Artists presents are Alizée Quinche, Anaïs Virg & Clem Gilliéron, Carine Bovey, Charlotte Olivieri, Chiara Bertin, Gina Bolle, Jess Gaillard, Julia Briend, Julia Lebrao Sendra, Pelister, AKaV Lieler, Léna Romand Lacrabère, Lily Lucas Tortolano, Maïc Baxane, Nadia Sawas, Nadja Kracunovic, Gray Ruiz, Oihana Ospital, Pauline Rousseau, Rahel Ruppen, Salphinah Savin, Sarah Valérie Steiner, Linda Steck, Phinn Sallin Mason, Big Bijou.