Sonia Fernández Pan

Curator, Berlin

Guest symposium 2020
Podcast Promise No Promises! Feminism Under Corona, 2020

Sonia Fernández Pan is a (in)dependent curator and podcast-maker who researches and writes through art. Author of esnorquel since 2011, a personal project in the form of an online archive with podcasts, texts and written conversations. esnorquel works like a “carrier bag” where the need—and the desire—to think in the company of others is put into practice, as well as emphasizing the importance of oral memory and the collective dimension of story-telling.

Editor of the books A Brief History of the Future and Mirror Becomes a Razor When It's Broken, she writes irregularly for artists’ projects and other publications. She began curating with F for Fiction, to continue with The Future Won’t Wait, La Capella, Barcelona, 2014–2015; Microphysics of Drawing, Espazo Normal, A Coruña, 2015; Diogenes Without Syndrome, HANGAR, Barcelona, 2015; As if we could scrape the color of the iris and still see, Twin Gallery, Madrid, 2018; we feel untied, but why?, Centro Párraga, Murcia, 2018; and CHRONO-MATTER. Objects are closer than they appear, Efremidis Gallery, Berlin, 2019. She has also been able to develop long-term curatorial projects such as The more we know about them, the stranger they become, Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona, 2017; and Mirror becomes a razor when it's broken, CentroCentro, Madrid, 2018–2019. In collaboration with other peers has been part of the projects ... at least a provisional way to settle in one place, Azkuna Zentroa & Montehermoso Cultural Center, Bilbao and Vitoria-Gasteiz, 2016–2017; lamusea, 2017; Les escenes. 25 Years after, La Capella, Barcelona, 2019; or Dazwischen, Mies Van der Rohe Pavilion/Sonar Festival, Barcelona, 2019. After years of researching objects and matter as systems of human and non-human interactions, she is currently conducting a co-research on the experience of dance culture and techno music that will lead to an exhibition in late 2020 at La Casa Encendida, Madrid.

A large part of her curatorial and writing practice has been developed in various kitchens and domestic spaces, reclaiming them as interdisciplinary spaces for the production of knowledge. After years in Barcelona, both her kitchen and the current esnorquel headquarters are in Berlin.

  • Lúa Coderch, during the installation of Life of O.