Art Taaalkssss: Camille Henrot

Thursday 3 December, 5:30 pm 
Camille Henrot (FR)

Online conversation via → Zoom
→ Art Taaalkssss Autmn 2020

Camille Henrot, Three Two One, 2020, Bronze, flowstone, readymade and casted objects, [in production], photo courtesy of the artist

The practice of Camille Henrot (born in Paris, currently lives and works in Berlin) moves seamlessly between film, painting, drawing, sculpture, and installation. The artist references self-help, online second-hand marketplaces, cultural anthropology, literature, psychoanalysis, and social media to question what it means to be at once a private individual and a global subject.

Camille Henrot is interested in confronting emotional and political issues, and looking at how ideology, globalization, belief, and new media are interacting to create an environment of structural anxiety. The changing modes of information distribution and interpersonal connections, the relationships between individual experiences and macroscopic dynamics, as well as between images and language, are at the center of her works. Her recent series Systems of Attachment includes bronze sculptures and drawings that consider human attachment, some of which were on view at the Münsterplatz in Basel during the 2019 edition of Art Basel Parcours.

For Art Taaalkssss, Henrot discusses with Elise Lammer some political and anthropological aspects of motherhood, its ambivalent—if not taboo—relationship with art history, and its role within the capitalist economy.

The work of Camille Henrot has been exhibited in numerous solo exhibitions in art institutions across the globe. She rose to prominence with her 2013 video Grosse Fatigue, for which she was awarded the Silver Lion at the 55th Venice Biennale. She is the recipient of the 2014 Nam June Paik Award and the 2015 Edvard Munch Award. In 2017, Henrot was given carte blanche at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, where she presented the major exhibition Days Are Dogs. Upcoming solo exhibitions include the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (2021), Kestner Gesselschaft, Hannover (2021), Liverpool Biennial (2021), Munch Museum in Oslo (2022), and Middelheim Museum in Antwerp (2022). She has also participated in the Lyon, Berlin and Sydney Biennials.