Art Taaalkssss: Rhea Dillon

Thursday 29 April, 5:30 pm  
Rhea Dillon (UK)


→ Art Taaalkssss Spring 2021

Rhea Dillon, Atlas’ Duppeee Whoopeee Seat: women should stop cleaning faeces, everyone should clean faeces, 2020, balloon, disinfectant, body oils & found object, 98 x 54 x 64 cm

Rhea Dillon is an artist, writer and poet based in London. Using painting, installation, images, video and olfaction, she examines and abstracts her intrigue of the “rules of representation” as a device to undermine contemporary Western culture, as well as seeking to continually question what constitutes as the ontology of Blackness versus the ontic. She is particularly interested in the self coined phrase “humane afrofuturism” as a practice of bringing forward the humane and equality-led perspectives on how we visualize Black bodies.

Recent exhibitions include Peak Gallery, London; Almine Rech, London; Drawing A Blank, Paris; External Pages, Online net artwork and Division of Labour, UK. Rhea Dillon is currently an artist in residence at V.O Curations, a residency program hosting emerging and underrepresented artists, curators and researchers in the first five years of their professional practice.