Marie Muracciole

Schriftstellerin, Kritikerin und Kuratorin, Beirut / Paris

Gast 2018
Betrieb Kunst

Marie Muracciole is an art critic, writer, and independent curator based in Beirut and Paris. Since February 2014, she has been the head of Beirut Art Center where she has curated the whole program. Her latest publications include: Lights, Camera, Movement, Film Praxis in the work of Zineb Sedira in Zineb Sedira (Sharjah Foundation), 2018, Transports (Prière de toucher) in Pierre-Lin Renié, D’autres jours / On Other Days, 2017, Contrecourants: à propos d’Allan Sekula et d’Aerospace, in Jeux sérieux, (HEAD), 2015, Something New About Plants, Genealogy Tree, in Yto Barrada (JPRingier), 2013; A Love Story, Transportations, in Amar Kanwar: Evidence (Fotomuseum Winterthur/Steidl), 2012; Memory’s body. «Retrospective» by Xavier Le Roy, in Texte Zur Kunst, 2011/12; It Is Your First Mirage Sophie, on Guy de Cointet, Texte zur Kunst n°82, 2011; Tomorrow Never Knows, Peter Roehr, in 20/27 n°5, 2010. She is the French editor of Écrits sur la photographie, Allan Sekula, éditions de l’ENSBA, Paris, 2013, and Photography at Work: Allan Sekula, 2017, Beirut Art Center.