Michèle Graf und Selina Grüter

Künstlerinnen, Berlin / Zürich

Gäste 2019

Gäste 2018

Michèle Graf and Selina Grüter studied Media Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts, where they graduated in 2013. Working across performance and installation they take social conditions and processes such as dialogue and its associated conflicts as a point of departure in their collaborative practice.

They are based in Berlin and Zurich, recent exhibitions and performances include Contradictory Statements, Fri Art, Kunsthalle Freiburg (2018); One against All [Uno contro tutti], Whitney Museum of American Art, Susan and John Hess Family Theater, New York City (2018); Image: Reading, Forde, Geneva (2018); Lunar Intervals, Swiss Institute/Emily Harvey Foundation, New York City (2017); in relation to a Spectator:, Kestnergesellschaft, Hanover (2017); Rehearsing Intra-Activity, LISTE Performance Project, Basel (2017) and Unruly Relations, Kunsthaus Glarus (2016). Graf and Grüter co-organize the artist-run space Taylor Macklin.