living cultures school

public fermentation program

1.7. - 24.7.2021
KASKO, Warteck pp, Burgweg 15, 4058 Basel

We, Laurie Mlodzik and Mariana Murcia, invite you to join us in a one month program focused on using fermentation as a metaphor to understanding culture as a space for cultivating knowledge that allows us to become producers of and hosts to other worlds. We are very interested in gathering and exchanging fermentation stories; this is an open invitation to bring your recipes, starters, and interests to share with us.

Our program starts on 1.7. 16:00-22:00 with an open day to taste ferments and bring any recipes, starters, and microbes to activate the space. Then every Thursday and Saturday, until the 24.7. we will host workshops, reading groups, and field drifts to local projects. Please check the KASKO Website for more details and the KASKO instagram, @kasko_basel, for the most up to date information!