The Shadow gets lost In Darkness. A participatory project by Felipe Castelblanco

Common Grounds. A show by Matza Edgelands

18.2. - 20.3.2022
Bodega Comfama Medellin, Colombia

The Shadow gets lost in Darkness is an act of consensus. This piece is developed around a participatory and co-creation exercise between several actors that shape the social fabric of the city. With the help of hip hop singer and composer TRAFICO MC, several participants were invited to a song writing workshop where a new song was conceived. MATZA EDGELANDS is a new initiative of MATZA conceived in close collaboration with the EDGELANDS Institute of Harvard University. Planned over four years, it will take place successively in the cities of Medellin, Nairobi, Geneva, Chicago, Singapore and Beirut (2021-2024).