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You are now in a page where you can listen to and download all our podcasts series. There we engage in current discourses of our institutes core topics art gender and nature in order to share insights, debates and methods at the heart of environmental as well as social language and gender driven questions. How can we do and think things differently through the field of art to begin a different "sensing of the world".

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Promise No Promises

Podcasts series produced by the Institute Art Gender Nature
FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel.

Promise No Promises! now is a research project
by the Genders’ Center for Excellence.


Phenomenal Ocean

Eine Podcast Serie des Institut Kunst und der TBA21–Academy basierend auf der Summer School The Current II und dem Convening #2: Phenomenal Ocean in Venedig.


Ocean Wants

Podcasts series of ten podcasts commissioned by TBA21–Academy.
In each episode, writer Ingo Niermann meets with an expert from a different field.